Super Bowl Party Games for Adults

Throwing a Super Bowl party this year?  Make your party a huge success with fun party games for adults. Try playing these entertaining party games with your guests for a super, Super Bowl party. These games can also very easily be turned into kid-friendly games by playing for different items or prizes.

Party Games for Adults: Super Bowl Guessing Game
Before the game begins, ask players to submit guesses about events that will take place during the Super Bowl. Here are some questions to get you started:   

  1. Which player will be the MVP?
  2. Which team will have the most interceptions?
  3. What will be the final score? Over/Under?
  4. Will the singer of the national anthem perform live or lip sync?
  5. Which player will score the most points?
  6. How many commercials will air?
  7. How many beer commercials will air?
  8. How many total yards will be accumulated?

After the Super Bowl is over, determine which player had the most correct answers to establish a winner.

Party Games for Adults: Point's Game or Drinking Game: This game could be played for points, with each point representing either taking a drink or putting a dollar into the pot. If you choose the pot option, you can make the above guessing game the decider for the winner of the pot. 

1 Point (1 drink or 1 dollar)

  • Winning the coin toss/losing the coin toss
  • giving up a run of 10 yards
  • a pass of 20 yards
  • a sack/ tackle for a loss of 2-10 yards
  • make a field goal of 45 yards or more
  • missing a field goal of under 50 yards
  • a 5-10 yard penalty

2 Points (2 drinks or 2 dollars)

  • 15+ yard penalty
  • giving up a touchdown
  • any turnover

3 Points (3 drinks or 3 dollars)

  • Your team losing on a fourth down situation
  • making a touchdown of over 50 yards

4 Points (4 drinks or 4 dollars)

  • Giving up any return for a touchdown and/or
  • any reverse plan taken in for a touch down

Party Games for Adults: The Brett Favre Rule

  • While you're watching the Superbowl game, doesn’t matter which teams are playing, if you hear the name Brett Favre you drink or put money into the pot. 

Party Games for Adults: Manning Brothers Rule --Revised

  • Any time one of the Manning brothers, Colin Kaepernick or Aaron Rogers appears in a comercial during the Superbowl, everyone has to drink or put money into the pot.

Test your football knowledge with our Super Bowl Trivia.

Party Games for Adults: Super Bowl Commercial Bingo
Create or purchase 5 x 5 bingo cards. Each card must be unique for each player. Play the game like traditional bingo, but the squares on the bingo card will be based on things you will see in commercials during the Super Bowl. Some suggestions include:  Pizza Delivery Guy, Kick to the Groin, Soda Commercial, Talking Babies, Movie Trailer, GPS Commercial, or Car Insurance Commercial, Snack Chip Commercial, Dogs or Lizards in a Commercial, Bud, Coors and Miller Commercial, Website commercial, Smartphone Commercial, etc.  Any five squares in a row represent a Bingo win. Click Here for a printable blank bingo card.

Superbowl Snacks:








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