Super Bowl Trivia Game for School Age Children

The Super Bowl is an exciting time for football fans. For a fun Super Bowl-themed class activity, try this simple football quiz which combines basic football terminology and a little trivia. This quiz also works well in conjunction with a physical education unit on football.


Question: What do the letters NFL stand for?

Answer: National Football League.

Question: What is the championship game of the NFL called?
Answer: The Super Bowl

Question: What do you call the poles at the rear of each end zone through which teams score field goals and extra points?
Answer: Goalpost

Question:  What is the name of the tournament that begins post-season and determines the NFL champion?
Answer: Playoffs

Question:  What do you call the official that controls the game and has the final authority in all game decisions?
Answer: Referee

Question: What team won the first Super Bowl?
Answer:  Green Bay Packers

Question: What is it called when a team or player violates the rules of football and is penalized?
Answer: Foul

Question: What was the last team to win the Super Bowl (2011)?
Answer: Green Bay Packers

Question: What is it called when a team gets the ball into the opposition's end zone and is rewarded six points?
Answer: Touchdown

Question: What is one of 4 chances a team on offense has to gain 10 yards called?
Answer: Down

Question: What is the term used when a quarterback is tackled behind his line of scrimmage?
Answer: Sack

Question: What holiday is most closely associated with football?
Answer: Thanksgiving

The child with the most correct answers may win a special Super Bowl or football related item.  If there is a tie, try this bonus question:

Question: How many NFL teams are named after cats?
Answer: Four teams – Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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